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Rocket Monkeys

Rocket Monkey

Rocket Monkeys

Five million years of evolution have led to this.  Rocket Monkeys is an animated comedy adventure series about two dumb-dumb monkey astronauts (Monkeynauts) exploring a galaxy they’re not even qualified to sightsee, piloting a rocket ship they have nary a clue how to fly.  Alien life forms everywhere – BEWARE.

Created by real life space simians, Dan Abdo and Jason Patterson, Rocket Monkeys is currently being developed/produced by 4Kids Entertainment in New York.  Look for it to premiere on TV in the 21st century.  I’m a writer on the show’s first season.

Rocket Monkeys

Rocket Monkeys, Gus and Wally? Or series' creators, Dan and Jason? Our TOP men aren't even sure...