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Stanley is a comedy/educational series from Playhouse Disney that follows six-year-old Stanley Griff, a boy just WILD about animals.  With the help of his brilliant pet goldfish, Dennis, Stanley leaps into the pages of his magical zoology book, the Great Big Book of Everything, to explore the animal kingdom; the fun-facts he learns on his kooky adventures help him (and Dennis, too!) solve kid-relatable problems back home.

I was the favored writer on this Annie Award nominated Disney Channel show, and several of my scripts were chosen to be adapted and published by Disney Press as children’s books.

Stanley changed my life.  While working on it, I met my adorable wife, Tina Moglia.  And now look at us, we have two kids together! (A cheetah and an orangutan.)  My episodes:

  • “Savanna Speeders”
  • “Tyrannosaurus Wrecks” (adapted and published by Disney Press as a children’s book)
  • “Gorilla Sleepover” (adapted and published by Disney Press as a children’s book)
  • “Sea Lion Slip-Up”
  • “Who’s Afraid of Walter Wolf?” (adapted and published by Disney Press as a children’s book)
  • “The Pond Couple” (read the script)
  • “Ant Picnic”
  • “The Tooth about Teeth”
  • “Bloodhound Blues”
  • “Clock-a-Doodle-Do”
  • “It Pays to be a Pelican”
  • “Woodpecker Woes”
  • “The Robbing Raven”
  • “Flashlight Fireflies”
  • “The Ugly Griffling” (Submitted by the Disney Channel for Annie Award consideration in the following categories: Outstanding Individual Achievement for Writing in an Animated Television Production & Best Animated Television Production Produced For Children)
  • “Stanley’s Super Spectacles”
  • “I Scream for Ice Cream”
  • “At the Zoo”
  • “Living with Leopards”

Stanley's best friend in the whole wide world, Dennis the goldfish