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Disney’s PB&J Otter

Disney's PB&J Otter

Disney’s PB&J Otter

The first show I ever wrote for… <sniff-sniff>.  As Sade once said… it’s never as good as the first time.

Well, that’s not true.  It’s been better since.  But I did have a terrific time writing for this Disney Channel preschool series — all about three lovable otter siblings who use their noddles (brains) to solve life’s problems — and greatly appreciate that Jim Jinkins, the show’s creator, gave me my first break in the business.  (Mr. Jinkins also created the hit animated comedy series Doug for Nickelodeon.  He’s one of the nicest men to walk the planet.)

My episodes of Disney’s PB&J Otter, a Parent’s Choice Award winning series:

  • “Peanut Overboard”
  • “Big Beaver Day”