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Jojo’s Circus

Jojo's Circus

Jojo's Circus

Annie Award nominated Jojo’s Circus is a preschool musical comedy series on the Disney Channel.  The show, about a little girl clown living in Circus Town, is also a ratings and merchandising juggernaut for Playhouse Disney — a favorite of preschoolers and parents.  I’m thrilled that I was involved with the show before even “The Beginning.”

I was tapped by Disney Channel to work with my friend Eric Weiner, co-creator of Dora the Explorer and one of the creators of Jojo’s Circus, in fine-tuning the series before first season began.  And while I can’t in any way take credit for creating Jojo’s Circus, I will take credit for drinking more Diet Cokes than Eric did during our daily meetings.

By far.

My episodes from the show’s first season:

My storybooks (which Disney Channel used to “focus group test” Jojo’s Circus with audiences during development):

  • “Banana Split”
  • “Flower Shower”
  • “Itching for Fun”
  • “Take a Bow”
  • “Jojo on the Tightrope”
  • “Everybody Yell Surprise”
  • “Skeebo’s Missing Hat Trick”

Jojo’s Circus can be found on someone’s television, somewhere on the Disney Channel, in the wee hours of the morning, all around the Big Top.