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Gaspard and Lisa

Gaspard and Lisa

Gaspard and Lisa

Best friends in Paris and beyond.  Gaspard and Lisa is a charming new preschool series, based on series of books, being produced by Chorion Silver Lining…right now — as you read this, set to premiere soon.  Here’s what Chorion has to say about it:

“Created by the prolific team of Georg Hallensleben and Anne Gutman in 1999, the Gaspard and Lisa book series now consists of over 25 titles and has sold over a million copies. This Paris-based couple have captured the essence of childhood through a combination of beautiful, painterly illustrations and charming stories about the antics of two best friends. Every story gives the reader a sneak peak into the lives of children when parents aren’t around. Gaspard and Lisa live in Paris with their families, co-exist with humans and animals, and have adventures both at home and abroad, always with the inevitable ‘catastrophe’ moment that delights readers of all ages. Chorion is in production on a [Gaspard and Lisa] television show for pre-school audiences around the world.”

I’m excited to see it.  These are the episodes I wrote for the first season:

  • “Monsieur Huget’s Happy Day”
  • “Bicycle Buddies”
  • “Judo Lessons”